Friday, October 2, 2009

Little Ricky

Little Ricky was found at an apartment complex in Bentonville. One of our members had been driving by and noticed Ricky sitting on the sidewalk looking confused and lost. When she called to him he came running to her meowing! After she looked for his siblings but found none, she put him in her car and whisked him away to a local vet for care.
He was emaciated, covered with fleas and his feet were red, swollen and bare of fur. The vet was not sure that Ricky would make it. His feet were diagnosed with ringworm and he only weighed one pound; he should have been between 2 and 3 pounds. The vet treated him for the fleas and worms, and tested him for Feline Leukemia (he was negative). The vet techs gave him some food & water but he could not keep the food down. The volunteer was told to feed him special food in small amounts every few hours. Luckily for Ricky with this constant care over the next few days and his desire to live he made it.
After the vet was sure Little Ricky was well enough to go to a foster home for the rest of his care, the volunteer who found Ricky took him into her home where she fosters cats and kittens. Ricky had to be separated from the other cats because of the ringworm and special diet.
Because of Ricky’s tenacious attitude and some specialized TLC, Ricky survived his rough start to life. Ricky’s is now between 3 to 4 pounds but, will be slightly stunted when he reaches full maturity. Little Ricky LOVES to eat and has been given a clean bill of health!
Ricky is now about 3-4 months old, loves to play and snuggle – he even like kisses! He has been neutered, micro chipped and given his first shots and wanting a family of his own that will continue to provide a safe and loving environment.

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