Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Little Rocky was brought into my care when he was very small. He was barely old enough to eat but, you could tell he had been hungry. He was found at a local dump hungry and alone. He had been brought to an adoption event not having been placed in a foster home yet. We hoped a mother kitty we had would accept him with her babies. The mother kitty didn't want anything to do with him. She bopped him on the head and her kittens played roughly with him.

Scared we removed him and he was placed in my arms. We were still at the adoption event but, luckily unlike most adoption days, we had a number of people helping. I spent most of that adoption day cuddling little Rocky. We were given some left over pizza and I started feeding Rocky some. He ate the toppings off of two pieces. I could tell he liked to eat.

Rocky went home with me that day. Even though he was smaller than my other foster kittens, he held his own making everyone move when he wanted to eat and jumping right in the middle of things when he wanted to play. Rocky has moved from our house to Petco in Rogers with the hope he could find a home.

I dropped by to see him today. He is the same old Rocky. Full of energy and ready for anything. Just a little bigger. I picked him up out of his cage with the other kitten we had sent to Petco to find a home Booker. We thought they would be less lonely if we sent them together. They are both black with gold eyes but, Rocky is smaller with a small white spot on his throat and one you can't see on him tummy.

I held him for a long time and played with him for a while. After giving the other kittens some attention, too. I opened Booker and Rocky's cage once more to pet them goodby. I left with the great hope they both would find people who would love them and give them a good home.

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