Monday, October 12, 2009

Chamomile-Natural cure for an upset dog or cat

I have found over the years my body is very sensitive to medical therapies. After a while, I decided to check out herbal medicine as a way of finding more gentile cures. When these cures turned out to be just what I needed, I was led to trying to find herbal treatments for my animals. Over the years, I learned several treatments but, the most useful is chamomile.

Chamomile is used in humans to help with stress related illnesses like nervousness and anxiety, non-infectious inflammation, itchiness and as an antiseptic. Chamomile also holds antibiotic properties. It can also be used internally for gastrointestinal upset such as pain, bloating and gas; as well as externally as a topical substance to relieve skin irritation.
When relocating having to travel 16 hours with two cats, I decided to try using chamomile to calm my two boys for the journey. I simply made a cup of chamomile tea available at just about any grocery store. Mixing half the tea with water, I fed it to my boys several days before leaving for our journey. They were easier to get into their traveling crate and were calm for the whole journey. I continued to use chamomile to calm my babies whenever I knew they would be stressed. Chamomile is just as effective for dogs and is especially useful for treating skin irritations.

Chamomile also has a natural anticoagulant (blood thinning) property and should not be used on those undergoing surgery or recovering from surgery for a few weeks before and a few weeks following. Pregnant animals should not be treated with chamomile for similar reasons. Please check out this useful information before using chamomile.

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