Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Your Help is Needed

Northwest Arkansas Animal Rescue has approval from the state of Arkansas to produce a special license plate saying "Caring for Animals" giving drivers in all of Arkansas the chance to purchase a plate. The license plate will cost a little more that a plain license plate. The additional funds will go to a fund helping low income families spay or neuter their pets.

We have approval from the state for our program but, they need to confirm interest before they start producing the special plate. The state is requiring us to have 300 signatures from licensed drivers. We are already half way there.

Want to help? All we need is your signature and a little information about your vehicle to prove you are a licensed driver. By signing our petition all you are doing is saying you believe in our spay/neuter program and intend to purchase a plate. If your circumstances are such that you are not able to purchase the plate when the time comes, you will be able to get out of purchasing it.

Want to sign? Just drop by the Rogers, Arkansas Petco. A clip board with our petition is available there for you to sign. Just go to the area with the live cats/kittens. The petition will be there for you to sign.

Please call 479-439-7978 for more information.

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